Learn More About K9 Nose Work® in Maine!

K9 Nose Work® comes to Maine – don’t miss this exciting new class!

Paw-Zn-Around is pleased to bring a fun new class to Maine – K9 Nose Work®. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your dog to enjoy a low-impact fun activity together!

Is K9 Nose Work® right for you? Is your dog constantly sniffing and using his nose? Is your dog the type that “needs a job”? Do you have a shy or timid dog? K9 Nose Work® might be just the sport for you and your dog! K9 Nose Work® channels your dogs’ natural desire to sniff and hunt while you learn how to read and observe your dog. Your dog will burn mental and physical energy as they hunt for a target odor. Your dog gets fulfilled using his or her natural instincts; while you get the pleasure of watching your dog do something they love – using their nose.

K9 Nose Work® is a positive way to interact with your dog, it’s an excellent confidence builder for all dogs, and a great way to channel the energy of dogs that “need a job”. Dogs work with their handler one at a time and dogs not being worked will be crated between runs.

Things you will need:

  • Harness (or flat collar)
  • 6ft leash
  • Lots of high-value, smelly treats
  • Crate (or dogs can be left in well ventilated cars)
  • Positive attitude

Advance reservations are required by calling (207) 283-6642.

For more info on Nose Work or to share this info with a friend print out this PDF »