One Dog’s Story – by Becky

Every dog comes to us with a different personality and attitude. Many are happy-golucky, ready to rock n’ roll, and transition easily.
There are some that need a little extra from us and their owners to make the transition into our pack environment. Tito was such a dog – a
medium-small sized dog, thought to be a rat terrier mix, who believed he was “The Top Dog”. Tito had been kicked out of two other doggy
daycares … and a friend referred him to PawZ.

3 year old Tito with a mighty big ego was in need of an attitude adjustment, our staff rose to his need and collectively put forth a plan to work with Tito & his owner to help Tito learn how to be part of a pack. Of course the pack did their part too – letting Tito know he was not “all that”. Tito’s owner brought him in every day for a couple of weeks plus put in action all the suggestions we made to help him know “his place” at home too.

Randi spent the most time with Tito in the pack, setting boundaries to modify his behavior with quick response to undesirable behaviors and rewards for good
behavior. After only a month – Tito has become an extraordinary boy who loves doggy daycare; he has been accepted by the pack and plays so well with others.

Based on his personality and drive we believe that Tito is Sheba Inu mix not a Terrier mix – but either way, by partnering with his owner we were able to modify the attitude, achieve balance, good manners, and dog friends for Tito. He’s a wonderful boy that we have all come to love. Keep up the good work Tito & Mom and Welcome to the PACK!