Be Cool! – by Randi

Dogs have an uncanny ability to register human emotion, the energy you carry determines the amount of respect you will receive and the amount of confidence your dog will have in you. A respectable leader is one who remains calm and confident in all situations; whose rules are consistent and regulated with a firm but patient energy. Your dog can sense if you are anxious, scared, angry, or excited – these are all negative energies that your dog will pick up on and reflect back to you, often in the form of an undesirable behavior.

How does one fix that? By taking a step back, a deep breath and moving forward with the calm confidence your dog needs – telling your dog you’ve got everything under control. If you make a mistake, keep moving forward; yesterday holds little meaning to a dog who lives in the moment. Be calm, be patient, be firm; set rules, boundaries, and limitations – most importantly, be confident in yourself. All the good intentions in the world will be met with resistance if you’re unable to deliver them in a calm and assertive manner. Be Cool – Be the Pack Leader!