Meet Our Staff

Jeanne Labonte – Owner (Canine CPR Certified)


Through my interest in animals I have always wanted to start my own business and in 2001 I opened Paw-zn-Around Doggy Daycare. Prior to starting the daycare I got involved with Search and Rescue with canines in which I am still a present member of the” Maine Wilderness K-9″. Also, in my home town a new program had developed called Project Impact in which I became a member for “Animals in Disaster”. I have received my certification in Animal Behavior from Cornell University. I have a lifelong interest in animals and nature, I currently own three dogs of my own and two horses. I feel like I was put on this earth to help people have a better understanding of their pets. That’s why I decided to offer different events such as obedience classes and rally classes. I want people to know that there are many activities out there that can be enjoyed with their pets. One thing I hope to accomplish is to put the word out – dogs are pack animals – why leave them alone? I love my daycare dogs!

Randi Leblanc – Dog Handler (Canine CPR Certified)

RandiRandi loved it here so much that she came back!   Randi has a natural gift with dogs and understanding dog body language and behavior.   The dog’s respect her and see her as the Alpha dog. Randi enjoys being outdoors with the biggest, most energetic of dogs.  She motivates and controls her pack using obedience, clear boundaries, and being just plain fun! Dogs get an extra dose of affection for jobs well done. One thing is for certain;  she makes sure everyone goes home pooped!

Randi also does one on one work with some “special needs” dogs who require more structure to become acclimated to pack mentality, or helping dogs with some behavioral issues on leash, greeting strangers, etc.

Rebecca Lewis – Office Admin/Bather (Canine CPR Certified)

RebeccaI have been at PawZ since 2010 minus a few months in-between. I came back because I couldn’t stay away! I have been working with dogs since I was 13, it has always been my passion. I started off in a kennel but really wanted more interaction amongst the dogs, and then I found PawZ! I have learned so much about dogs since I have been here and continue learning each day. Every day is a new day here and I couldn’t ask for a better job. The staff is like family and so are the dogs and who wouldn’t want that!



Nick Stedman – Dog Handler (Canine CPR Certified)


Nick is a California Native, coming from the Los Angeles area. After High School Nick joined the Army – where he trained in Airborne Infantry becoming an EMT, marksman, radio operator and sniper spotter earning several awards including but, not limited to, the Afghanistan & Iraq Campaign Medals. After 8 years of service Nick left the army and attended the University of Phoenix where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Nick is calm, quiet and focused. The dogs enjoy his leadership and affection while the rest of us feel honored to have a decorated combat veteran on our team. We hope to have Nick here for a long time but realize he continues his search for a career in his field of study. In the meantime, he gets to play with your dogs’ and send them home happy and tired.

Kimberly Perkins – Dog Handler (Canine CPR Certified)


Working with dogs has always been my dream. When I was 14 I started dog sitting and walking, I never imagined that 8 years later I would have my dream job. Most of the time it doesn’t even feel like work because I’m doing something that I truly enjoy and am passionate about. I love getting to know each individual dog and learning about what makes each one of them unique and special. I am grateful for this opportunity to work with them on a daily basis and am excited to continue learning about the amazing animals!

 Brittany Vincent – Dog Handler



 Ashley Bankhead – Dog Handler

I’ve enjoyed working with animals since I was a young kid mucking stalls at summer camp. In college, I studied Zoology before making a switch and earning a B.S. in Animal Behavior at the University of New England. Before coming to Paw-Zn-Around, I worked at a boarding and daycare facility in my native state, Pennsylvania. My goal every day is to make sure your pups have the best, most fun day possible. I love getting to know and form personal bonds with each dog that comes through our doors!