Hours & Rates

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday
6:30am – 5:30pm

Check-in Times are between 6:30am and 9:30am (no later)
Pick-up Times are between 1:00pm and 5:30pm (no later)

Closed for the Holidays:
New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th week (Closed for facility maintenance), Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

Advance Reservations (minimum of 48 hours) are required for the following:

  • New Dogs being evaluated – see requirements.
  • Dogs who have been absent for more than 2 months.

Note: dogs that have been absent more than 6 months must provide a recent fecal test result and vaccination updates prior to their visit and may be subject to re-evaluation – dogs change as does the pack dynamics.
Call  207-283-6642 or email us at info@paw-zn-around.com


One dog, one full day daycare
30.00 per day
Half day (5 hours of day care)
24.00 per day
2 or 3 full days per week
29.00 per day
One dog, four consecutive days
28.00 per day
One dog, five consecutive days
27.00 per day
Club Card – 10 visits (Valid for 3 months, additional $10 using credit/debit)
2 Dog Club Card- 10 visits (Valid for 3 months, additional $10 using credit/debit)
Monthly Rates (20 business days, 4 consecutive weeks)
Dog evaluation (required before first day of daycare)
Home Town Hero Day (Mondays) for our veterans
Senior Citizen Discount
28.00 per day

Boarding Rates:

Per dog, first day and night
Per dog, each additional day/night

We make every effort to keep our rate page up-to-date, but rates are subject to change.