Employment Opportunities

Paw-Zn-Around Employment We are looking for mature, responsible individuals who want to work with dogs. This job can be fulfilling for the right person. We expect all employees to have open communication and to respect each other. This is a demanding position.

Dependability is a must. If an employee does not show up, there will not be enough staff to provide a safe environment for the dogs. Dogs are not like equipment that you can shut down and leave unattended.

Flexibility is also required. Days and hours may change slightly due to changes in the volume of dogs on certain days. If you have concerns about flexibility, please express them right away. You MUST be able to work holidays.

We hire by capability. If you do not have a love toward dogs, this is not the job for you. It is physically demanding and mentally challenging. If you do not truly love dogs, it will become quickly evident. We are seeking people who are mature enough to understand and accept the responsibility of taking care of other people’s “children”. This job can be a lot of fun and be very rewarding, but it is not sitting around playing with puppies all day. The dogs need to be cleaned up after, which involves handling a lot of dog waste. They have to be fed the right food and given correct medications. You will need to be organized and be able to remember all of the dog’s names and behavioral issues.

Paw-Zn-Around EmploymentWeather is also a factor. You must be able to tolerate the cold days of winter or the hot days of summer, as much of the dogs’ time is spent outdoors. You must dress properly for the weather.

Behavior must be closely monitored at all times to ensure a safe environment for everyone. You can not be afraid of bad dog behavior. While working here you may be exposed to: excrement, loud noises, chemicals, parasites, and the ever present risk of being scratched, bitten or bruised. These are potential hazards you accept by working here. You should also know that no work is “below” anyone. Everyone will be asked at some time to perform dirty and menial tasks. We will try our best to make use of your skills, but don’t expect to exempt from the more mundane and unpleasant chores. Cleaning is a major part of every position at the day-care. If you get ill at the idea of cleaning up diarrhea or vomit, this is not the place for you.

You will be on your feet for the majority of your shift. You must be physically able to pick up a 40 lb. dog if needed. You can not be allergic to dogs or sensitive to bleach or other cleaning agents.

If you love dogs, and feel you can perform the duties outlined above, please complete our employment application.

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